Incontro di Ettore con Andromaca
56" x 80"
Painting, Oil on canvas
Region: Italy
Praised for his use of color, his soft, perfectly measured brushwork, and his sense of composition, Gaspare Landi (1756-1830) acquired immediate fame and received numerous commissions for mythological and religious paintings and portraits. This painting depicts the meeting of Hector and Andromache. Hector was a nobleman who was heading for battle during the Trojan War. His wife Andromache brought their infant son Astyanax , held tenderly by his wet nurse in this depiction, with her in a bid to prevent Hector from entering battle.

This painting utilizes soft lighting and tender, acutely human details; Andromache rests her head on her husband's shoulder with a loving expression in her eyes. Hector's emotion at the sight of his son is made clear by his posture - his left hand clasps his helmeted forehead and his right hand is drawn back in bewilderment.

About the Artist
(1756 - 1830)