by Kathaleen Roberts , Albuquerque Journal
January 2024
Related Exhibition: William Frej – Rock Art of the Greater Southwest
"The photographs set the petroglyphs against their surrounding landscapes, most identified only by state for protection. A Native American friend from the New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies guided the photographer’s approach.

“She said, ‘Don’t only look inward at the panel,’ ” Frej said. “Look outward to see its place in the landscape.”"
by Brian Sandford , Pasatiempo
December 2023
Related Exhibition: William Frej – Rock Art of the Greater Southwest
"Frej says the book could have been three times its size and maintained its level of quality. He praises Graziano and Schaafsma — whom he calls “probably the world’s leading expert on rock art” — for providing vital context.

“We really intended this to be a visual journey, not a rock art book that defines where places are, as a guidebook would do,” Frej says. “Picking the images was an important part for me. We went through thousands of photographs, and I feel strongly they’re all very, very strong depictions of something that many people don’t yet understand.” "
by Michael Abbatemarco , Pasatiempo
October 2021
Related Exhibition: Peter Miller: Coming Home
"She was, after all, beginning her career at a time when sexism was rampant in the art world, and female artists weren’t often afforded the respect and prestige of their male counterparts."
by Kathaleen Roberts , Albuquerque Journal
September 2021
Related Exhibition: Peter Miller: Coming Home
by Michael Abatemarco , Pasatiempo
October 2020
Related Exhibition: Maya Ruins Revisited: In the Footsteps of Teobert Maler
"In 2013, nearing the end of a 30-year career in the Foreign Service, Frej began retracing Maler’s route and photographing many of the same sites. The project culminated in a stunning monograph published by Peyton Wright Gallery Press and distributed by the University of Oklahoma Press called Maya Ruins Revisited: In the Footsteps of Teobert Maler (240 pages, $60)."
by Alex De Vore , Santa Fe Reporter
September 2020
Related Exhibition: Maya Ruins Revisited: In the Footsteps of Teobert Maler
"Following in the footsteps of German/Austrian photographer Teobert Maler,...Frej has worked the Yucatan for years. Documenting sites throughout the region has become so commonplace for him, he even has a little place down there, and much of the gold he struck while exploring the area this time out makes its way into his new book of stunning black and white shots, "Maya Ruins Revisited: In the Footsteps of Teobert Maler", which will release through Santa Fe's Peyton Wright Gallery alongside an exhibit of large scale prints."
by Kathaleen Roberts , Albuquerque Journal
December 2018
Related Exhibition: 26th Annual Art of Devotion: Historic Art of the Americas
"This year’s show gathers significant pieces of 17th- to 19th-century Viceregal artwork, including paintings, sculpture, furniture, silver work and objects from the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies – Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala and the Philippines. The exhibition also encompasses paintings by European Old Masters, Russian icons and New Mexican bultos, cristos and retablos."
by Alex de Vore , Santa Fe Reporter
August 2018
Related Exhibition: Sacred Sites and Ceremonies
"This enjoyment becomes abundantly clear in Frej's new show, Sacred Sites and Ceremonies, which opened at Peyton Wright last week, his third at the gallery. The work encompasses time spent in India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Guatemala and beyond; through large-scale color prints, Frej captures the people and landscapes of these cultures in stunning detail, each telling a story of its own. We're talking close-ups of holy men meditating, gatherings of priests, Mexican celebrations and distant vistas of the Gangotri Glacier at the source of the Ganges River."
by Holland Cotter , New York Times
May 2018
by Kathaleen Roberts , Albuquerque Journal
December 2017
by Kathaleen Roberts , Albuquerque Journal North
January 2017
Related Exhibition: 24th Annual Art of Devotion
"Artists have sought to capture the divine since the first painter put brush to petroglyph."
by Khristaan D. Villela , Pasatiempo
July 2016
Related Exhibition: The Maya
"Santa Fe has had a long romance with pre-Columbian antiquities, and in this respect Frej is in good company."
by Kathaleen Roberts , Albuquerque Journal
December 2015
by Enrique Limon , Santa Fe Reporter
August 2015
Related Exhibition: The Indigenous-Modernist Intersection: Contemporary Native American Paintings and Prints
"The show is grounded in an exploration by Native American artists that surged during the 1960s—a simultaneous time of war and space exploration—revolving around the concepts of oppression, misconception and a reaffirmation of cultural heritage. The push brought with it the birth of a new style at the intersection of modern and traditional, one that didn’t aim to present an idealized view of tribal life, but rather held up a mirror to contemporary tropes."
by Kathaleen Roberts , Albuquerque Journal
December 2014
Related Exhibition: 22nd Annual Art of Devotion Exhibition
"This year’s show gathers colonial-era works from the 17th to 19th century from Mexico, Central and South America. It features a rare 18th-century painting of “The Vision of Saint Eustace” from Puebla, Mexico, and the “Slaughter of the Innocents,” c. 1725, from Mexico City."
by Kathaleen Roberts , Albuquerque Journal
December 2013
Related Exhibition: 21st Annual Art of Devotion Exhibition
"Spanish colonial artists wove the sacred with the earthly, tapping deeply into the divine."
November 2013
Related Exhibition: 21st Annual Art of Devotion Exhibition
"Art of Devotion exhibits not only a significant ecclesiastical tradition and its manifestations across Europe and the Americas; it represents devotion as a seamless element of daily life."
September 2013
Related Exhibition: Charles Hinman – Painting as a Three-Dimensional Statement
"Using a palette of densely applied, matte color, Hinman paints angular, three-dimensional shaped canvases, creating areas of dynamic contrast. Jutting out from the walls, the works form multitudinous shadows, which change dramatically depending on where the light hits them."
July 2013
Related Exhibition: Stanton Macdonald-Wright 2013 Exhibition
"Often considered the first American abstract art style, the movement was described by Macdonald-Wright as follows: “Synchromism simply means ‘with color’ as symphony means ‘with sound’, and our idea was to produce an art whose genesis lay not in objectivity, but in form produced in color.”"
July 2013
Related Exhibition: Charles Green Shaw 2013 Exhibition
"A native of New York City, Shaw initially worked as a journalist for publications like The New Yorker and Vanity Fair; it wasn’t until an extended stay in Europe in the 1920s, when he was exposed to the work of Arp, Braque, Picasso, and others, that he decided to devote his energies exclusively to painting."
June 2013
Related Exhibition: Mokha Laget 2013 Exhibition
"At age five she crossed the Sahara desert with her family, and the brilliant light, color, and contrasts left a lasting impression."
August 2012
Related Exhibition: Sewell Sillman 2012 Exhibition
"Sillman recalled that Black Mountain College “...gave me a chance to get rid of absolutely every standard that I had grown up with... It was like a snake that loses its skin... What was left was someone who had absolutely no idea in the world what to do... It was marvelous.”"
June 2012
Related Exhibition: Jack Roth 2012 Exhibition
"Roth was a true polymath, pursuing interests in chemistry, literature, music, mathematics and Zen Buddhism in addition to painting. Despite the rarified company he kept and his many accomplishments, Jack Roth’s contributions to 20th century modernist painting have been largely overlooked until fairly recently.
June 2012
Related Exhibition: James Hilleary 2012 Exhibition
"The influence of Hilleary’s father, who was both an amateur artist and musician, played a significant role in his early life and in his youth he gave serious thought to becoming a professional pianist."
September 2011
Related Exhibition: Bayer & Johnson 2011 Exhibition
"Herbert Bayer and Raymond Jonson, have disparate roots; the former a European Bauhaus trained artist who relocated to the States, and the latter an American painter and co-founder of the Transcendental Art Group. Nevertheless, during the post war period both artists produced radically progressive bodies of work while staying ardently true to their personal aesthetics."
July 2011
Related Exhibition: Stanton Macdonald-Wright 2011 Exhibition
"Together with fellow American expatriate Morgan Russell, he co‐founded the avant‐garde painting movement Synchromism, which produced luminous and rhythmic compositions of swirling and serpentine forms infused with a rich chromatic palette."
by Kate McGraw , Albuquerque Journal
July 2011
"Art is a visual manifestation of the artist’s connection to the collective unconscious, Fischinger argued in an unpublished manuscript he placed with The Center of Visual Music in 1949."
May 2011
Related Exhibition: Oskar Fischinger 2011 Exhibition
"As a visionary of abstract expression, Fischinger left an indelible mark in filmmaking history and is considered one of the pioneers of non-objective animation and visual music."
September 2010
Related Exhibition: Clinton Adams 2010 Exhibition
"Adams began his artistic career primarily as a painter, and while at UCLA, met Lynton Kistler, who acquainted him with print‐making and lithography."
August 2010
Related Exhibition: Raymond Jonson 2010 Exhibition
"The years from 1953 to 1978 exemplify the most important quarter century in Raymond Jonson’s career, when due to declining sight, he quit painting. During this period he left behind the transcendental aesthetics that he had helped develop in the 1930s and 1940s (put abruptly to an end by World War II) and left his post as professor of painting at the University of New Mexico at the end of the 1953 academic year."
June 2010
Related Exhibition: William Lumpkins 2010 Exhibition
"As a young boy, Lumpkins saw a man demonstrating painting techniques in the window of a hardware store, spurring his initial interest in becoming an artist."
April 2009
Related Exhibition: Herbert Bayer 2009 Exhibition
"Under Smidthammer’s tutelage, Bayer created posters and advertisements while learning drawing, painting, and architectural drafting. In his twenties, Bayer entered the Bauhaus school, where he was profoundly influenced by the Bauhaus’ focus on simplified forms, rationality and functionality, and the integration of art and industry."
September 2008
Related Exhibition: Raymond Jonson 2008 Exhibition
"Though Jonson moved to Chicago with the intention to
pursue art commercially, he soon renounced
commercial endeavors and devoted himself fully to the
spiritual and philosophical possibilities of artistic
June 2008
Related Exhibition: Paul Burlin 2008 Exhibition
"As a result of his early success, he was the youngest artist (at twenty-six years of age) to participate in the 1913 Armory Show – the revolutionary exhibition of avant-garde European artists that can be credited with introducing modern art to the United States and stimulating the development of modernism in America."
August 2007
Related Exhibition: Jan Matulka 2007 Exhibition
"Matulka’s first desire was to return to Europe but World War I made it difficult to obtain a visa for a foreign citizen. Not to be deterred, Matulka traveled to the southwest where the expansive landscapes and striking Native American ceremonies inspired him to experiment with color and composition. A looser style became evident in his sketches and small paintings, which functioned as field notes for his larger paintings when he returned to New York."