The Protective Veil of Mary with Feasts of Melodis and Ramonas
Ca. 1775
18" x 27"
Icons, wood, linen, gesso, goldleaf, egg tempera and varnish
Region: Russia
The Protecting Veil of the Mother of God stands among a congregation of worshipers. Andrew had a vision of the Mother of God at night in the Clachernae Church in Constantinople, in which she spread out her veil over the faithful gathered there. Later, this vision was celebrated in artistic form, but also through a feast day celebrated on the first of October. Andrew stands below Mary to the right and is pointing her out to his friend Epiphanius. On the left of Andrew and the bottom center is Romanus the Melodist, a well-known hymnographer who composed the following hymn sung on October 1st for the feast day: "A strong defense for the downtrodden art Thou, Immaculate Mother of God, a sure help, the redemption and foundation of the world, origin of grace and source of divine wisdom, the protection of the whole world. We faithfully sing thy praises and have thankful hearts for Thy radiant protective cloak: Filled with joy, rejoice, the Lord is with Thee, the Lord, who through Thee hast bestowed plentiful grace on the whole world."