Christ Pantocrator
Ca. 1875
12" x 11"
Icons, wood, linen, gesso, goldleaf, egg tempera, varnish, brass and enameled oklad
Region: Russia
Here Christ is depicted delivering a blessing and holding an open book of Gospels to John 13:34... "A new commandment I give unto you, that ye also love one another..." This is the favored text to display on icons of Christ used in orthodox marriage ceremonies. The entire image is overlaid with brass, gold leaf and cloisonne. The oldest representation of the Pantocrator is found in the Rabula Manuscript of 586. The the early Middle Ages the Pantocrator looks out form domes and apses of cathedrals. Depictions on icons--like this one--are not seen until the fourteenth century. This Pantocrator has been beautifully decorated with delicate patterns.