Herbert Bayer’s Memorial Structure

Throughout his prolific career, Herbert Bayer refused to distinguish between painting and sculpture, architecture and design. His intention was to promote a commingling and interpenetration of media to create a unified artistic, natural and human environment. Bayer left behind a number of maquettes to be fabricated at a variety of sizes. Peyton Wright Gallery is pleased to announce the installation of the newest version of the superb sculpture titled Memorial Structure. The gallery is an estate representative of Bayer’s work, and commissioned the fabrication of this sculpture. It was executed from Bayer’s maquette, originally created 1967. Measuring 20 feet high and eight feet in diameter, the work features eight vertical forms that function as a support for the “bird’s nest” at the lower center. This version of Herbert Bayer’s Memorial Structure is fabricated of cold-rolled steel tubing and powder-coat finished.