Gallery Video Walkthrough, May – June 2022: Post – War Works

A video walk-through of our current art installation at Peyton Wright Gallery. Artists included in the  current exhibition are Hans Hofmann, Walasse Ting, Lawrence Calcagno, Friedel Dzubas, Charles Hinman, Werner Drewes, John Stephan, Stanton MacDonald-Wright, Byron Browne, Hilaire Hiler, Sewell Sillman, Jan Matulka, Peter Miller, Mary Bauermeister and Herbert Bayer.

In the wake of World War II, art responded to the altered world in a variety of movements and expressions. From the Abstract Expressionism of Ting and Calcagno to the Color Field work of Dzubas and the Synchromism of Macdonald-Wright, through Bauermeister’s Fluxus multimedia piece and the Hard-Edge work of Stephan, the artists in this exhibition represent a range of art movements spanning the post-war era.