Ati Maier “The World Is My Oyster” art exhibition opens March 3

Peyton Wright Gallery is pleased to present “The World Is My Oyster,” a second one-woman show of new paintings by Ati Maier. 

Commencing Friday, March 3, with an opening reception from 5 to 7 p.m., concurrent with a book signing of her “SpaceRider” catalog, the exhibition takes its title from the large-scale painting “Oyster World” (2020).

The work features a multi-colored spiral at the center mirrored and foreshortened below so as to appear like a cosmic oyster or a parallel universe through which time is transcended. 

Indicative of the playful nature of Maier’s work in general, the axiomatic phrase “The world is your oyster” invites the viewer to experience a universe spawned of airbrush and acrylic paint, but which also looks entirely convincing as a snapshot of deep space.

This aesthetic world made of lines, shapes, and fields of color became Maier’s oyster over the course of the last three decades. 

All the works between 2019 and 2022 were created at the Apache Creek Ranch next to the Santa Fe State Park, where Maier lived and worked in a retreat-like environment, developing a strong spiritual connection to the mountains and pristine lands surrounding her.

Originally born in Munich (Germany), the artist visited the American West for the first time in her twenties, quickly integrating its rugged topography and otherworldly atmosphere into her visual ecosystem. She eventually moved to New York City and continued to make frequent visits to the West where over time her work moved beyond expressionistic landscapes and into fractured geographies generated through a mix of observation, automatism, and action painting technique.

What: “Ati Maier:  The World Is My Oyster,” art exhibition

Where: Peyton Wright Gallery, 237 East Palace Avenue, Santa Fe NM

When: Friday March 3 – Monday April 3, Mon- Fri 9 -5, Sat 12 -5

Contact: Mustafa Stefan Dill at 505-989-9888,