ca. 1650
54.5" x 38.25" x 21.25"
Furniture, Bone, ivory, fruitwood, iron
Spanish drop-front desks, known today as vargueños were perhaps the most common pieces of furniture in sixteenth and seventeenth-century Spanish homes. This sixteenth century style walnut vargueño is embellished with two carved medallions with hand painted portraits of Jesus and Mary surrounded by flowers on the front with an iron lock and hinges. When opened the small drawers, the hinged and for some, secret compartments were well suited to the storage of small treasures, documents and writing materials. Vargueño drop-front writing surface is supported by sliding brackets which pulled out of the contemporary wrought-iron stand.

This vargueño features richly detailed fruitwood and ivory inlay with two internal locking drawers, finely wrought iron locks and hinges.