San Rafael
ca. 1830
9.25" x 6"
Retablos, Wood, gesso, natural pigments
Saint Raphael is the third archangel to be mentioned by name in the canonical Scriptures. His name in Hebrew means "God has healed". In the book of Tobias he was the traveling companion and protector of Tobias in his journey to find a miraculous fish that would cure his father's blindness. As Physician of God he is accorded a merciful and restorative function, being invoked for eye or other ailments and for insuring a safe journey. He is often depicted in pilgrim's clothes, holding a pilgrim's staff and a fish.

The angel's iconography shows him with a tunic, open traveling sandals, a staff with a gourd for water tied to the top, and a fish. He guides and protects travelers and especially pilgrims, he protects against demons, and he is a source of health for mind and body, especially for the eyes.

About the Artist
(Active 1830 - 1840)