Red Spike
30" x 52.5" x 5"
Painting, Acrylic on shaped canvas
Signed and dated verso
My paintings are an effort to establish a visual language through a personal vocabulary of forms which are three-dimensional canvas objects. These objects make a real space, but overlapping planes, the space made by colors juxtaposed, and a linear configuration that suggest perspective, all work together to form an illusory space.

Artist Statement
Charles Hinman
page 42

About the Artist
(B. 1932)
Charles Hinman, known for his shaped-canvas sculpture, was born in Syracuse, New York on December 29, 1932. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1955, and was a professional baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves while pursuing his BFA. Hinman first received critical attention in the exhibition 7 New Artists at the Sidney Janis Gallery in May 1964 where he exhibited flat canvases cut at angles and suspended by cords. The other artists in the exhibition were: Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, Norman Ives, Robert Slutsky, Robert Whitman, and Arakawa.

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