Pre-Columbian Gold collection
200 BC - 1000 AD
36.25" x 36.25"
Metals, gold with semi precious stone
Region: Peru
Culture: Inca Culture
Unique collection of nose rings and ear spools affixed to archival linen in a spiral pattern. The Northern Moche are celebrated for their metalwork, especially the exquisite pieces found in the tombs of Sipán in the Lambayeque valley. Working in gold and silver, Moche artists were adept at hammering, soldering, and setting stones, as well as developing a process to make a copper-gold alloy appear to be solid gold—a technique known as depletion gilding. Gold, silver, semiprecious stones and Spondylus shell were used to make the elaborate regalia of the highest elites. Massive necklaces and bracelets, ear spools, headdresses, nose ornaments, and more were made by Moche artists for the great lords.