El Santo Entierro (Christ in the Sepulcher)
June 1987
29" x 42" x 11.25"
Sculpture, Devotional Objects, carved wood with natural pigments
Region: New Mexico
Signed and dated on sepulchre, figure
Santo Entierro literally means Holy Burial in Spanish. The term is also used to name one of the highlights during Holy Week, where the statue of the dead Christ is carried to his burial tomb. The Santo Entierro consists of an ornately designed calandra, a local term referring to the bier that will carry the statue of the dead Christ. In most cases, the calandra is adorned with flowers for mourning. As a Lenten activity, the Santo Entierro is held every Good Friday.

About the Artist
One of New Mexico’s most renowned santeras, Marie Romero Cash is a well-known award-winning folk artist and writer in Santa Fe where she has lived most of her life.

The daughter of prominent traditional tinwork artists, the late Senaida and Emilio Romero, Marie has created art for a number of churches in the United States and in Mexico, including Stations of the Cross for the Basilica of St. Francis in Santa Fe. She has participated in the annual Spanish Market in Santa Fe for over 45 years, having won many awards for both traditional and contemporary works.

As a writer, her early works focused on research-based books about the culture and churches of Northern New Mexico, along with a memoir about growing up in Santa Fe in the 1950s.

A number of years ago she began to write a mystery series based around Santa Fe featuring Jemimah Hodge, a forensic psychologist. A romantic novel about the Pueblo Revolt began as a screenplay over ten years ago when she was a student at Lesley College in Boston. Her most recent book is a novel rather than a mystery, "The Word Thief.” She is currently working on another memoir and a new screenplay.

Her works are in the following collections: the Museum of International Folk Art; the Albuquerque Museum; the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art; the Smithsonian Institute; the Vatican; the Archdiocese of Santa Fe; the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center; and many private collections.