Change of Perspective 2
60.25" x 40"
Painting, Oil on canvas
Signed and dated verso

About the Artist
Paulette Morelli Gargoulaud, born in 1923 in Paris, is a painter known for her abstract-impressionistic acrylic landscape and genre paintings. Portraying the moods of the Maryland countryside and ballet performances using color and texture, Morelli’s works contain free-flowing geometric forms and three-dimensional illusions.

Morelli studied her craft at L’Academie de Paris, received a Bachelor of Science degree, and subsequently moved to the Washington, DC area where she continued to pursue painting. Her work has been featured at such respectable institutions as the Baltimore Museum of Art, MD.

Artist Statement: “Instead of redefining nature, art should become a nature of its own, which reflects the imagination, creativity and philosophy of the artist.

Art should be accepted by the viewer in its pure esthetic form lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience and for those with the vision to perceive it as such, it is an exciting and uplifting spiritual experiment in visual consciousness.

It is my desire to continue the search toward creating art connected to deep human feeling and seek true meaning, conveying my emotions; not to be sidetracked by what has been done in the past by imitating or reinterpreting.

I envision a work of art becoming a new visual experience, an icon of pure contemplation, embodying the spiritual essence of fundamental esthetics.”

Biographical Sources: US Department of State, @galeria1951

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