Barrier Canyon Style, Great Gallery
32" x 56"
Photography, Panchromatic sliver halide print on Ilford 190 gram black and white paper with UV coating
#1 of 10
signed, titled, dated and numbered verso
Paintings of ghostly, life-sized anthropomorphic shapes against the wide sweep of the Great Gallery sandstone wall in eastern Utah are all that remain today of a place that several thousand years ago may have been a busy seasonal ceremonial gathering spot for hunter-gatherer bands or a ritual location sought out by shamans, who painted their personal visions here. While exactly what took place is in the realm of speculation today, it must have figured prominently as a ritual focus.

About the Artist
William Frej is an award-winning photographer and author who began his professional life as an architect. He later served for almost thirty years as a diplomat, living and working in Indonesia, Poland, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan. He also has traveled extensively in the mountain regions of Nepal, India, Pakistan and in Central Asia, as well as throughout Mexico and Guatemala.

Since 1970, always with his camera at his side, he has photographed Indigenous people and their environments. Bill has produced four fine art photography books since 2020: Maya Ruins Revisited: In the Footsteps of Teobert Maler, Seasons of Ceremonies: Rites and Rituals in Guatemala and Mexico, Travels Across The Roof of the World: A Himalayan Memoir, and now Blurred Boundaries: Perspectives on Rock Art of the Greater Southwest.

His books have won more than forty awards including eight “photography book of the year” awards and a Silver Medal for Travel Books from the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition in 2023.

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