23rd Annual Art of Devotion ~ Historic Art of the Americas

This exhibition showcases one of the largest and most significant collections of 17th to 19th century devotional artwork in the country, featuring Spanish Colonial Viceregal paintings, sculpture, furniture, silverwork, and objects from the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies – present-day Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala and the Philippines. The exhibition also includes paintings by noted European Old Masters, Russian icons, and a very rare collection of bultos, cristos, and retablos by significant New Mexican santeros.

Art of Devotion exhibits not only a significant ecclesiastical tradition and its manifestations across Europe and the Americas; it represents devotion as a seamless element of daily life. The majority of these works and objects were not cloistered in churches, but were kept in private homes and chapels where they were used, looked at, and lived with as part of the rhythm of daily life.

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