Virgen del Rosario
ca. 1700
72" x 52"
Framed: 79" x 59"
Painting, oil on canvas
The Lady of the Rosary is a title assigned to the Virgin Mary. According to Dominican tradition, in 1214, St. Dominic was in Prouille, France attempting to convert the Albigensians back to the Catholic faith. The young priest had little success until one day he received a vision of the Blessed Virgin, who gave him the Rosary as a tool against heretics. This exquisitely detailed painting imagines the Virgin in gilded robes, holding a red-beaded rosary between fingers. She is flanked by the saints Benedict and Frances monks (to the left and right respectively) below, and the Saints Catherine and Rose (to the left and right, respectively.) Mary is surrounded by small portraits that are vignettes from the life and suffering of Jesus.