The Fountain of Tears
ca. 1700
46" x 66"
Framed: 50.75" x 70.75"
Painting, oil on canvas
Region: Altiplano, Peru
This work is in part based upon a Flemish print by Boece a Bolswerte, "The Fountain of Tears" (1623), a copper engraving in Herman Hugo's emblem book Pia Desideria (Illus 8). The dating of the painting is based upon comparable landscapes and figures in narrative paintings by Leonardo Flores (1650-1710). Roses are also featured in paintings by Flores, whose name means "flowers". Flores and his workshop looked greatly to Flemish prints, with subtle variations, for inspiration.
See van Barghahn, "Leonardo Flores", Latin American Art, 5, No. 2, 47-49
The cartouche under the figures of the fountain and Mary Magdalene refers to:
"Mightily from above is poured upon my head crystal water."
"Pouring upon my head both day and night are the waters of this fountain of my tears".
Cartouche to the viewer's right:
"Of this blood, no-one knows better than I who has found what love is worth."
"Through finding grief that which sanctifies and makes me holy."