Sunbands V
82" x 120"
Painting, acrylic and oil on canvas
In the “60s into “70s Lawrence Calcagno created his Sunbands Series. Calcagno is not just dividing the picture plane – you would have to posit some effect of Frank Stella here – but segmenting three distinct shapes of the painting, descending in color from lemon yellow, to tangerine, red, purple, umber, blue to black, black back to yellow.

About the Artist
(1913 - 1993)
San Francisco-born artist Lawrence Calcagno spent the first part of his life on a ranch near Big Sur, California, teaching himself to paint from his own observations of the California landscape. Calcagno remained largely self-taught until after World War II, when he began to study painting under the G.I. Bill with the artist Clyfford Still, whose saturated palette and thick-textured linear style remained influences on Calcagno’s work throughout his career.

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