Sica Sica Ponchito
42" x 44.5"
Textile, camelid fiber, natural dyes
Region: Sica Sica, Bolivia
Culture: Aymara Culture
This textile is a classic example of a Sica Sica style ponchito. The most most frequently occurring patterns in these garments are wavy, narrow bands which enclose the stripes in the design areas. In addition, many ponchitos have central and side panels with bolder symbols such as the ones in this piece. The "diamond" pattern is a stylization of motifs found on Inca diamond waistband tunics and can be found on even older pieces from northern Chile.

Wrap-faced plain weave with complementary-warp weave, central double cloth panel with discontinuous wefts forming neck aperture, and two lateral panels of complementary-warp weave; woven fringe around border and neck slot.