Monumental Marjo Decorated Urn
400-1350 CE
30" x 24" x 24"
Ceramics, fired terracotta with black slips
Region: Brazil
Culture: Marajoara Culture
Large terracotta urn of bulbous form standing on a tapered base and having a tapered collar with very flared rim. Modeled with opposing Janeiform faces on the collar, each with bulging eyes, bordered by a built up eye orbit, extended bat-form nose with ornament and a uni-brow above, stylized ears at sides with long lobes and small spool ornaments. The faces are separated with a relief figure between each, seated on the collar, having modeled, openwork legs. The lower portion of the vessel is painted with stylized arms and hands; also repeated on reverse, and geometric filler between. Geometrically painted in black and red on the white ground. The rim is repaired from approximately ten original pieces with some areas of restoration. One restored hair line in the body, otherwise the body is intact. Overall normal general abrasions to the painted surface. These urns were usually buried up to the rims, so there are very few that survive with the rims intact.