Heheya Ahumtaka Kachina
c. 1950
14" x 6" x 6"
Devotional Objects, Cottonwood, leather, wool, pigment
Region: Hopi Third Mesa, Arizona
Culture: Hopi Culture
Jimmy Koots (Kootshongie) was one of the finest traditional Hopi carvers. He was a staunch outspoken Hopi traditionalist and took a leading role in helping to revive the art of traditional Hopi Kachina carving in the 1950s and 1960s. He never signed his dolls but they are recognizable due to his characteristic applications of white kaolin clay and matte paints and distinct carving style. The name Heheya Aumutaka means "like Heheya" and this version only appears on the Third Mesa. This Katsina is a relative of the Ogres and he is known for always speaking the opposite of what he means.

About the Artist
(1916 - 1996)
Jimmy "Koots" Kooshongie was instrumental in the revival of Hopi Kachina carving in the mid-20th century.