800-1000 CE
4.5" x 21.5"
Textile, camelid wool (alpaca) and natural dyes
Region: Bolivia
Culture: Tiwanaku Culture
Extensive studies of the Middle Horizon Tiwanaku textile tradition of the south-central Andes have established that weavers of this pre-Inca society commanded a remarkable set of technological expertise. While weaving mostly addressed the quotidian needs of clothing in the form of plain warp-faced cloth, the culmination of the Tiwanaku textile tradition was the production of intricately designed high-status tapestry tunics, which may have played an important part in Tiwanaku society and politics.

This headband has an embroidered in the center a classical kneeling flying warrior with wing crown gripping Bastogne with a bird above his back; flanked by trophy head and fox on one side and a figural seabird with fish in its belly on the other.