35" x 53" x 5"
Painting, Acrylic on shaped canvas
Signed verso
Chuck, from his early beginnings, fused his materials and his technique with the distinctive quality of his own personality. The way he stretches and shapes the canvas so that one plane slides into another, the arc of the shaped air, the feint of a long rectangle appearing to rush back because it is constructed of unequal sides, the sensuously grave push and pull, the motion and speed suddenly suspended are all born in his sportsman's instinct and grace.

Charles Hinman
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About the Artist
(B. 1932)
Charles Hinman, known for his shaped-canvas sculpture, was born in Syracuse, New York on December 29, 1932. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1955, and was a professional baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves while pursuing his BFA. Hinman first received critical attention in the exhibition 7 New Artists at the Sidney Janis Gallery in May 1964 where he exhibited flat canvases cut at angles and suspended by cords. The other artists in the exhibition were: Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, Norman Ives, Robert Slutsky, Robert Whitman, and Arakawa.

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