Crucifix with Attending Angel
ca. 1875
43.5" x 28" x 6"
Framed: 6" x "
Cristos, Wood, Gesso and Polychrome
The superb bulto of the crucified Christ is notable for the attending angel who catches the Holy Blood in a chalice.

The cup-bearing angel catches the blood of christ to symbolize the importance of the saving blood of christ, which through the holy eucharist represented by the chalice offers mankind heavenly redemption. Popular in late medieval europe, then perpetuated in mexico through the colonial period.

The small angel often has become separated from the side of a crucifix. The symbolic theme of angels catching the crucified Christ's blood in a chalice is said to have been first painted by Raphael Sanzio.

About the Artist
(Active 1830 - 1840)