Block with a Gesture
22" x 33" x 5.5"
Painting, Acrylic on shaped canvas
Despite the invention of shaping, a tendency emerged to reduce the number of planes and geometrize the expression of relief. Block with Gesture is an extraordinarily controlled play of perspective generates a total structure in its arrested lines. As artist in residence at Aspen, Hinman produced about fifteen small canvases, which he exhibited at the Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, in October 1966.

Claudine Humblet
The New American Abstraction

About the Artist
(B. 1932)
Charles Hinman, known for his shaped-canvas sculpture, was born in Syracuse, New York on December 29, 1932. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1955, and was a professional baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves while pursuing his BFA. Hinman first received critical attention in the exhibition 7 New Artists at the Sidney Janis Gallery in May 1964 where he exhibited flat canvases cut at angles and suspended by cords. The other artists in the exhibition were: Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, Norman Ives, Robert Slutsky, Robert Whitman, and Arakawa.

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