Archangel St. Michael
19th cent.
63" x 60" x 20"
Bultos, Sculpture, wood, gesso, goldleaf, polychrome and silver
Region: Bolivia
This wonderfully detailed sculpture of the Archangel Michael stands just over 5 feet tall. The Archangel Michael (or simply St. Michael) is often called the avenging angel; this depiction exemplifies this understanding of the saint. In characteristic form, the figure wields a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Large, outspread wings are fashioned in gloriously detailed, repoussé silver. The angel’s face is rendered in exquisite detail, with expressive features and eyes lined with life-like eyelashes. Standing on a rectangular platform, much of the figure’s accoutrements feature traditional Spanish colonial designs fashioned from high-content silver; total silver weight for this item exceeds 15 kilos.