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Robert Slutzky

(1929 - 2005)
Robert Slutzky was an influential painter and writer, co-author of "Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal," a pair of essays on the relationship of architecture to Modern art.

As a painter, Mr. Slutzky was intimately concerned with color and form, and with the contrapuntal, almost musical, relation between the two. His abstract compositions of vividly colored squares, grids and lines arranged in perfect geometric balance were a kind of two-dimensional architecture, reflecting the influence of Mondrian and the Bauhaus painter Josef Albers.

Reviewing an exhibition of Mr. Slutzky's work in The New York Times in 1975, Hilton Kramer wrote: "Mr. Slutzky works within the strict pictorial conventions of geometrical abstraction, which, in his hands, is a medium of lyric improvisation. Everything here depends on proportion and placement, on the weight and intensity of color, and thus on delicacy of feeling."

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