La Virgen de Rosario
c. 1875
38.75" x 12" x 8.5"
Bultos, Wood, gesso, natural pigments

About the Artist
(c. 1820 - 1902)
Juan Ramon Velasquez appears to have worked predominately around the villages west of the Rio Grande. One of the later santeros, he must have started his profession as a santero around the age of forty. A large portion of his work was for the Penitente moradas, and consisted mainly of Passion figures. He was one of the first santeros the use commercial house paint when they became available in the country stores. Velasquez was a prolific carver. Virtually every community in the villages west of the Rio Grande (Canjilon, Tierra Amarilla, Los Ojos, etc.) had santos made by him. He was a truly itinerant artist who traveled to an area and lived there while he completed commissions.